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Overseas Exchange Student Guide Top 10 Money Savers

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When it comes to Exchange, there are many administrative works to complete. You may forget a task or two when they become overwhelming. Here is a compilation of general reminders. 

Weeks / Months before Departure


1. Settle all enrollment documents for your Exchange School

2. Complete Module Mapping

3. Pay Student Fees if applicable

Personal Matters

1. Ensure that your Passport is valid for at least 6 months

2. Apply for Student Visa 

3. Apply for a Foreign Bank Account if needed

4. Book Flight Tickets (Generally buy and fly on Weekdays. STA Travel offers discount when purchased from your University)

5. Find Accommodation (Student Hostels / Airbnb)

6. Buy Travel Insurance (Check out Moneysmart.sg for the best deals) 

7. Get an ISIC Card (Optional, gives you student discounts, recognized internationally)

Days before Departing / On Departure Day

Back Up Important Files

Back up all important files from your computer and also save a copy of your passport details, credit cards, flight itineraries and bookings before you fly. It would be a pain to retrieve them back when lost. Send your family a copy of your passport details and bookings as well. 

Register Online with Ministry of Foreign Affairs

This is voluntary. It allows MFA to contact and assist you when an emergency arises. Register Here.

Exchange Foreign Currency

Usually forgotten till nearing departure date.

Plan where to get your Overseas Mobile Data

Do some research and compare local vs overseas mobile data deals. Your current mobile service provider might offer a better a deal.

Install Offline Maps from Google Maps App

Generally useful when you have no internet overseas and it saves you some internet data.