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Itinerary Details

Travel Period
21 June - 4 July 2018 , Winter Season
Temperature ~1-8°C

Accommodation (2 Pax)
~SGD60/night for Hostels (shared bathrooms)
~SGD57/night for Airbnbs

Food Expense (1 pax)
~SGD3/Home Cooked Meal
~SGD11 - 21/Outdoor Meal
~SGD6 /Pastries, Ice Cream

Flight (1 pax)
Singapore ↔ Melbourne (via Scoot)
Melbourne ↔ Christchurch (via Jetstar)
+ Travel Visa SGD19 

Vehicle (5 seater)
06 Mazda Verisa, Unleaded (via Hitch)
Petrol Refilled 9 Times, ~SGD531.70
Rent SGD25/day + Insurance Covered
+ SGD33 Snow Chains
+ SGD25 Airport Pick Up

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General Information



Camper Mate

For campervan travellers but it is generally suitable for anyone travelling to New Zealand. Shows you a variety of attractions anywhere in New Zealand that is recommended by other travelers. They also provide other categories such as Things to Do, Accommodations, Groceries, Road Warnings, ATM, Petrol Stations and Information Centres.

Fuel Watch New Zealand

A handy fuel app that keeps track of petrol stations and their fuel prices. Prices are voluntarily updated by drivers and may not be 100% accurate.


Grocery Shopping


The most affordable supermarket that is big and cheap. However, they are only located in a few towns / cities.

Four Square

The alternative to Pak & Save. A smaller store but it is still as cheap and are located in most towns. 

Countdown, New World

Heard they are cheap as well but I did not shop in them.


Purchasing Tickets 


Locals have advised us to book our tickets through bookme as it comes along with daily discounts. Payment is to be made online in NZD.

Klook App

A ticket booking app catered to anywhere in the world. Under the New Zealand Tab, it has prices similar to bookme. 


Purchasing a Sim Card

(SG) Changi Recommends

From Singapore, I would recommend getting one at Changi Recommends for SGD18 (Service Provider: 2 Degrees, valid for 30 days, 1.25GB Data, 200mins Call, Unlimited Text Message).

(NZ) 2 Degrees

NZD10 (SGD9.50) for 30 days, 500MB Data. 

(NZ) Vodafone

NZD29 (SGD27.60) for 30 days, 1.5GB Data, 200mins Call, Unlimited Text.

(NZ) Spark

NZD29 (SGD27.60) for 30 days, 1GB Data, 1GB Spark Wifi/day , 200mins Call, 200 Texts.

When Renting a Car

Look out for the following

Rental Pricing Considerations

Apart from daily rental fees, the options you choose may incur additional costs:

  • Location pick up and drop off 
  • Timing for pick up and drop off
  • Multiple drivers
  • Insurance coverage per day

Insurance Coverage

Who exactly covers the Insurance? The Website that you booked from or the Car Rental Company? How much / far do they cover?

E.g. Car is Damaged, Car Website covers the Insurance, not the Car Rental Company.

Read the Fine Prints

Any damage to the vehicle regardless of fault can be straight up NZD2,000. A small dent on the car may not cost that amount to repair but you'll still be charged the same price. Be sure to get insurance as unexpected events may occur.

Car Tips During Winter

Save Extra Fuel, Switch off Air Conditioning

Wind down your windows every now and then for fresh cold air instead.

The Boot is your Fridge

Boots with rear windows are quite chilled. It is okay to use it as a fridge to store fruits, milk and vegetables.  

Grab a Free Map from
i-SITE Centres or Car Rental Companies

An easy reference to which highway route to take and good for shading the sun when in the car

Book Directly from Local Car Rental Companies for Cheaper Deals